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While having trouble explaining myself in words, I found a way to explain myself visually. Photo- and videography became a part of me and my process of telling a story, my story.  

When I came back from school when I was little, my parents used to ask how my day was. The only way how I could tell about my day was drawing it out on paper. When I grew older, I made pictures to support my stories, and when I had enough money and courage to actually go for it, I bought my own 'professional' camera. 

I started to make pictures and mastering my lenses. From here out I decided to start filming too, since sometimes moving images can tell you more than a still one. 

With overcoming the struggle of having a hard time explaining myself with words, I became pretty straight forward and honest. I learned to translate an idea to a visualization, including explanation of the why and how. 

Besides pictures and videos a big passion of mine is design. I mostly focus on UI/UX design since I love to design for a big target audience and do usability tests to see if my designs work and can optimize the user flows. ​

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2021 - London Brick Lane Gallery (London, England)
2021 - Espaco Esphelo Dagua (Lisbon, Portugal)

2021 - Studio Galerie B&B (Paris, France)
2020 - BBA Gallery Berlin (Belin, Germany)
2020 - Studio Galerie B&B (Paris, France)
2020 - Valid World Hall (Barcelona, Spain)
2020 - Brick Lane Gallery (London, England)
2020 - LA Center of Photography (Los Angeles, USA)

2020 - Almanaque Fotográfica (Mexico city)

2020 - Bucharest Photofest (Bucharest, Romania)

2020 - Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm, Sweden)

2020 - Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece)

2020 - The Fridge Gallery (Washington DC, USA)

2020 - The Space, An Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

2020 - Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm, Sweden)

2020 -

2020 -
2019 - BBA Gallery Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

2019 - Matca Space for Photography (Hanoi, Vietnam)

2019 - The Fridge Gallery (Washington DC, USA)

2019 - LA Center of Photography (Los Angeles, USA)




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